Solar power plant BLUETTI EP500 | 2000W 5100Wh

Weight 76 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 76 cm
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Universal backup power plant

The BLUETTI EP500Pro comes with an innovative 5100Wh LiFePO4 rechargeable battery and a 3000W pure sine wave AC inverter (2000W for the EP500). A leader in its class, this powerhouse gives you the ability to run your entire party, family camping trip, cabin workshops, or even your entire home for a day or two in the event of an unexpected outage. With up to 15 power sources, you can power everything from laptops and air conditioners to electric vehicles without breaking a sweat.

Safe, smart and constantly evolving
The advanced battery management system and LiFePO4 chemistry ensure the EP500Pro’s incredible safety and durability. Thanks to the built-in dual-core microcomputer and Internet connection, the EP500Pro firmware can be updated via an Internet connection. There is no best, only better!
Hassle-free UPS backup
The EP500Pro will automatically become your home power source for basic loads when the grid fails. Unlike gasoline generators, the BLUETTI EP500Pro keeps your lights on and your laptops charged without maintenance, fuel, carbon monoxide or annoying noise. Connect up to 2400W MPPT solar power to quickly charge or keep your devices running without draining the onboard battery. Do you remember when you had to worry about power outages? Don’t worry anymore, meet BLUETTI EP500Pro.
How to use the EP500
Designed to be a flexible power plant for different scenarios, the EP500Pro series has a variety of applications.
General Information
  • Rated AC power: 3000 Вт (пікова 6000 Вт)
  • Net weight: 76 кг
  • Dimensions: 50*30*76 см
  • Battery capacity: 5100 Вт-год
  • Battery type: LiFePO4
  • Nominal life cycle: 3500+ циклів до 80% ємності
  • Charge temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C
  • Ambient temperature for storage: 0°C ~ 45°C
  • Humidity of the working environment: 10-90%
  • Certification: PSE, FCC, CE, UN38.3, msds, UL, SAA та ROHS
  • Warranty period: 5 років
  • Color: Elegant White
Input Characteristics
  • AC input: Макс. 3000 Вт, 100-264 В змінного струму
  • PV input: 2400 Вт Макс
Output Characteristics
  • USB-C: 2*100 Вт
  • AC: 220-240VAC*3
  • USB-A: 2*Швидка зарядка, 36 Вт,
    2*5 В постійного струму, 3 А
  • A lighter: 1*12В постійного струму
  • RV (air port): 1*12VDC, 30A
  • DC 5521: 2*12В постійного струму
  • Wireless charging panel: 2*5/7,5/10/15 Вт


1Guide to setting up a UPS on a network
1) For household schemes that do not operate on solar panels:

An electrician with a professional technician certificate is required to install the in-network power supply system, connect the critical equipment wires from your main electrical box to the BLUETTI UPS BOX. In the event of a power failure, it automatically switches to the EP500 or EP500 Pro for the power supply. Connection method: mains - main circuit of the house - BLUETTI UPS - EP500 or EP500Pro - important equipment (e.g. refrigerator, electric lighting and server).

2) Solar-powered UPS:
  • 1. If the no-load voltage of the solar panels is within the specified input range of the EP500, they can be directly connected to the EP500 or EP500Pro via the MC4 port connectors to create a UPS system.
  • 2. If the no-load voltage of your panels exceeds the input limit of the EP500 or EP500Pro, they need to go through a "PV step-down module" to reduce the voltage before being connected to the system. Connection method: solar panels - photovoltaic step-down module - EP500 or EP500Pro - critical equipment (e.g. refrigerator, electric lighting and server).
2Does the EP500 or EP500Pro support split-phase connection?


3Can I change the operating mode of the EP500 or EP500Pro to mobile UPS after connecting the EP500 to my home network?

Yes, you can. First, turn off the EP500 or EP500Pro, and then disconnect the cable, remembering to set Max. Mains current up to 15A.

4What is the UPS switchover time?
There are two types of UPS operating conditions for the EP500.
  • No delays for online UPS..;
  • 20 ms from the backup UPS
5What are the AC and DC losses?
  • In standby mode: less than 10 watts,
  • AC_ON & DC_OFF: less than 20 watts,
  • AC-ON & DC_ON: less than 25 W
6 How much charge is left in the EP500 and EP50Pro after the claimed 6000 battery cycles?

The EP500 and EP500 Pro can maintain a capacity of over 50% after 6000 cycles.

7What is the frequency?
  • 60 Hz: USA, Canada
  • 50 Hz: Europe, UK, Australia
  • The frequency of 50/60 Hz cannot be switched
8What should I do if the solar panels on the roof of my house exceed the no-load voltage requirements?

You can reduce the no-load voltage by ordering BLUETTI PV Voltage Drop Modular. Does not require changing the original way of installing and connecting solar panels in your home. Thanks to this modular no-load voltage, the roof panels can be matched to the input characteristics of the EP500/EP500Pro

9Can I use a third-party solar panel and what conditions must be met?

1) Open circuit voltage (OCV):

  • EP500: 55-145 V/max. 20 A, max. 1200 W.
  • EP500Pro: dual MPPT, each 12-150 V/max. 12 A, max. 1200 W. (Max. 2400 W for double connection).

2) The corresponding MC4 connector.

3) We recommend that the connected solar panels be of the same brand.

10Are there any restrictions on using a 100W USB-C port?

If the USB-C cable is not 5A MFI certified, the charging power will not exceed 60W instead of 30W.

11After opening the 12V 30A DC port, can I use the other DC ports?

No, for a high current of 30 A, ports other than the RV 12 V/30 A ports will not work. In addition, you must close the rubber plug when the DC power is on and the 12V/30A port is inactive, otherwise it may cause a short circuit if the cable is dropped.