With the connected powerful PV420 solar panel, you can charge your battery with solar energy at a high rate, meeting your electricity needs and saving your bills in the long run.

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 97,5 × 66 × 4,5 cm
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More power for less

With the connected powerful PV420 solar panel, you can charge your battery with solar energy at a high rate, meeting your electricity needs and saving your bills in the long run.

Elevate your sunny lifestyle

The BLUETTI PV420 is compact and foldable for easy transportation. No need to rely on the network whether you’re out adventuring or staying at home.

Optimal consumption of solar energy

Given its high conversion efficiency of 23.4%, the PV420 is capable of generating about 2 kWh of solar power every day with 6 hours of bright sunlight (under ideal conditions), enough to run your electronics for hours.

Outstanding performance

The PV420 uses monocrystalline solar cells and multilayer ETFE to provide better light transmission, higher efficiency, and longer life. The ETFE-coated surface is IP65 rated for protection against water splashes, scratches, and dust. It can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Increase productivity

Simply install your solar panel and adjust the tilt depending on the sunlight intensity or angle to get optimal solar energy. Your energy-intensive devices will never lose power again thanks to continuous solar power.

Hassle-free wearing

The folding design saves precious space in the trunk or storage room. The comfortable handle is designed to make it easy to carry wherever there is the most sunlight.

  • Model: PV420
  • Power: 420 Вт
  • Lamination: ETFE (етилентетрафторетилен)
  • Cell type: Монокристалічний кремній
  • Cell efficiency: До 23,4%
  • Open circuit voltage (OCV): 44,3 В
  • Short circuit current (Isc): 12.2A
  • Connector: Стандарт MC4
  • Weight: 14 кг
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 267,5*97,5 см
  • Size (folded): 97,5*66*4,5 см
  • Operating temperature: -10℃-65℃
  • The best operating temperature: 25℃
  • Cable length: 3 м
  • Certificates: FCC, CE, ROHS
  • Warranty: 12 місяців


1Is the PV420 waterproof?

The BLUETTI PV420 has been extensively tested for reliability and has an IP65 waterproof rating. However, to ensure an even longer service life in the right environment, we do not recommend exposing them to direct contact with rain for too long.

2What factors will affect the speed of solar energy conversation?

Intensity of sunlight. Б. Ambient temperature. C. The angle of the solar panel to the sunlight. D. Length of the solar charging cable (for third-party cables).

3Can it be installed directly on the roof of my house?


4Can I use a BLUETTI solar panel to charge a third-party power plant?

Yes, if they
(1) have MC4 connectors;
(2) maintain the output characteristics of BLUETTI solar panels.

5How to choose solar panels for your solar generator?

Read about the photovoltaic power requirements of a solar generator.
View the output characteristics of solar panels.
Calculate the total voltage, current, and power of the solar panels.
Let's take a look at the input connectors for solar panels.

6Can I use solar panels of different sizes?

No. Your solar panels must be of the same type and rated power of the same brand. For example, two PV350s for charging the BLUETTI AC200P are acceptable, while one PV350 + one SP350 is not.

7Does the PV420 have any USB ports that I can directly connect to?

No. BLUETTI PV420 has only MC4 connectors.

8How to maximize the efficiency of solar panels?

Yes, you can. The solar panel must meet the following conditions:

These steps will help you get the most out of your solar panels:
1. Set up the panels correctly: The orientation and angle of the panels must be correct.
2. Avoid shady areas: any amount of shade will affect the production of solar panels.
3. Keep the panels clean: dirt or debris reduces the efficiency of the panel.
4. Do not heat the panels too much: good air circulation or a cool atmosphere around the panels will help.