Bullvolt PWR30

Quiet water-cooled diesel generators Bullvolt PWR30

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 200 × 85 × 115 cm
Category: SKU: PWR30
powerful 30 kW generator for efficient operation

Are you looking for a reliable and powerful diesel generator for various tasks? The Bullvolt PWR30 is the perfect solution for your power needs.

With a power output of 30 kW, the Bullvolt PWR30 provides a stable and reliable power supply in all conditions. Whether you need a backup power source for your home, business or construction site, this generator is ready to go.

Bullvolt PWR30
Power and reliability of Bullvolt PWR30

With the Bullvolt PWR30 30 kW generator, you get the power to power all your production systems. Whether for metalworking equipment, electrical machine tools or lighting systems, the Bullvolt PWR30 provides stable and reliable power even in the most demanding environments.

Bullvolt PWR30
Backup power supply Bullvolt PWR30

The Bullvolt PWR30 operates as a reliable backup power source, automatically switching on when the main power supply fails. This ensures uninterrupted work on the construction site and protects against temporary productivity losses due to the lack of electricity.

Bullvolt PWR30
Bullvolt PWR30 - energy in your hands

One of the main advantages of this generator is its reliability. The Bullvolt PWR30 is equipped with a robust diesel engine that ensures continuous operation for a long time. You can be sure that even in the most extreme conditions, this generator will operate reliably and stably. Independence from the external power grid will become your reliable companion thanks to Bullvolt PWR30

Bullvolt PWR30
Safe power supply and high power of Bullvolt PWR30

At first glance, it becomes clear that the Bullvolt PWR30 is capable of providing stable power supply even in the most extreme conditions. This generator is a reliable and efficient source of energy that ensures your safety and comfort in any circumstances.

Bullvolt PWR30
Standard features:
Bullvolt generator sets comply with ISO 9001 and CE standards
Canopy and steel base
General Information
  • Model: PWR-30KW
  • Engine brand: Ricardo
  • Engine model: K4100D / 40KW
  • Generator: VG-184H / 30KW
  • Digital control panel: AMF 6120
  • Battery to start the generator: 24V / 60Ah
  • Circuit breaker with indication: CHNIT MCCB 3P
  • Fuel consumption at 100% load: 12 l / hour
  • Length: 200 cm
  • Width: 85cm
  • Height: 115 cm
  • Net weight: 980 kg
  • Fuel tank (l): 84 liters
Performance of the diesel generator
  • Power: (kVA) 38 kVA > 41 kVA
  • Power: (kW) 30 kW > 33 kW
  • Rated speed of rotation (rpm) 1500
  • Rated output power 220 / 380V
  • Rated power factor 0.8 if late
  • Rated current 57А
Engine specification
  • Model: Ricardo K4100ZD
  • Engine type: Built-in pump, water cooling, 4-stroke, 4 cylinders
  • Rated output power: 40 kW / 1500 rpm
  • Max. RPM without load: ≤1875 rpm
  • Idle speed: ≤500 rpm
  • Piston stroke: 100*115 mm
  • Compression ratio: 17:1
  • Working volume: 3.76 liters
  • Engine ignition procedure: 1-3-4-2
  • The volume of oil: 14 liters
  • Coolant volume: 6.8 liters
  • Air intake system: with turbocharging
  • Fuel consumption: 100% - 12 l/h | 75% - 9.6 l/h | 50% - 7.6 l/h
  • Oil consumption: ≤2.04 g/kWh
  • Average effective pressure: 1067 kPa
  • Starter: 24V DC
  • Cooling system: Ambient radiator 55℃
  • Exhaust gas temperature ≤540℃
Alternator specification
  • Model: VG184H
  • Rated power: 30 kW at 1500 rpm
  • Power factor: 0,8 (COS φ)
  • Efficiency: 93,70%
  • Insulation system: Class H
  • Degree of protection: IP21
  • The length of the stator: 160 mm
  • Winding connection (standard): star / Y, 4 wires
  • Voltage regulator: AVR SX460
  • Maximum speed exceeded: 2250 rpm
  • Height: ≤1000m
  • Stabilized voltage regulation: ≤±1,5%
  • Instant voltage regulation: ≤±20%
  • Voltage recovery time: ≤1s.
  • Voltage fluctuation coefficient: ≤1%
  • Voltage wave aberration coefficient: ≤5%
  • Frequency stabilized control: ≤1% (adjustable)
  • Instant frequency adjustment: -10% ~ 12%
  • Frequency oscillation coefficient: ≤1%


1What is the power of the Bullvolt PWR30 diesel generator?
The Bullvolt PWR30 has a power output of 30 kW, which provides enough energy to power various systems and equipment.
2How long can Bullvolt PWR30 operate without interruption?

The operating time of the Bullvolt PWR30 without interruption depends on the load and the amount of available fuel. However, thanks to its large fuel tank and efficiency, it can operate for 8-10 hours

3What type of fuel does the diesel generator use

The Bullvolt PWR30 runs on diesel fuel, which makes it economical and available in most countries.

4What overload and short circuit protection is provided in Bullvolt PWR30

Bullvolt PWR30 is equipped with a built-in overload and short circuit protection system. This ensures safe operation of the generator and prevents damage to the equipment in case of unforeseen situations.

5What is the noise level of Bullvolt PWR30?

Bullvolt PWR30 has a low noise level thanks to advanced sound insulation technology. It is designed to minimize possible interference and noise during operation.

6What are the dimensions and weight of a diesel generator?

Bullvolt PWR30 is compact and easy to use. The exact dimensions and weight may vary depending on the model, but in general, it is designed with portability and ease of movement in mind. 200 × 85 × 115 cm

7How to maintain and service a diesel generator?

To maintain optimal performance of the Bullvolt PWR30, regular maintenance is recommended, including checking the oil level, filters, and other components. The operating instructions contain detailed maintenance instructions and recommendations for the care of the generator.

8What warranty does Bullvolt PWR30 provide?

Bullvolt provides a warranty for its generators, including the Bullvolt PWR30. Details of warranty coverage can be found in the warranty policy or on the official Bullvolt website.

9Where can I buy a Bullvolt PWR30 diesel generator?

The Bullvolt PWR30 is available from authorized Bullvolt dealers or specialized stores offering generators and electrical equipment.

10What additional features and functions does Bullvolt PWR30 have?

The Bullvolt PWR30 can be equipped with additional features such as automatic start-up in the event of a power outage (automatic start) and a remote control system that provides ease of use and control over the generator. For details on the available options, contact the seller or manufacturer.